Gap Fill - Food Waste - Level 1


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   awareness      away      because      dates      disaster      funny      gas      hungry      million      much      politician      resources      scandal      solutions      supermarkets      third      unacceptable      unacceptable      wrong      year  
Britain said a of the world's food is wasted. It said this was "". The UK wastes over 7 tons of food every . A politician talked about to this problem. First, schools could raise children's of food waste. Secondly, could sell vegetables they throw because they are the "wrong" shape. Finally, "sell-by" need to change. People throw away good food of these labels.

The said food waste was . He said: "Socially, it is a that people are going …when so [food] is being wasted." He added that: "Environmentally, it is a , because energy and are wasted." He said the food rots and produces a climate-changing . He said it was for supermarkets to throw away good vegetables if they are a shape.

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