Digital fork helps you lose weight

A new product has come on the market for those wanting a digital solution to losing weight – a fork. A Hong Kong company, HAPILABS, has showcased its HAPIfork at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. The wireless fork keeps track of your dining habits, including your eating speed, and then downloads data via USB or Bluetooth to your iPhone or PC. The purpose of the fork is to help you eat more slowly. It tells you how long it took to eat your meal, the amount of “fork servings" taken per minute, and the intervals between "fork servings". If you are eating too fast, the fork will vibrate to let you know to slow down. The HAPIfork weighs 65 grams and is on sale for $99.

HAPILABS was founded by former French pole vaulter Fabrice Boutain. He explained the benefits of his new product, saying: “What is important is you take enough time to chew the food well.” He added: “By chewing well, you will help the digestion. There was a study in the United States in 2006 showing that people eating more slowly will eat 11 per cent fewer calories. So this is how we can help us lose weight.” HAPILABS spokesman Andrew Carton said: “Eating too fast, and insufficient mastication has been tied to all sorts of problems, including…weight gain." The company’s website says there are many scientific studies that highlight the negative effects related to eating meals too quickly.