'World of Warcraft' loses 2 million players

The "World of Warcraft" online game is losing subscribers. Almost two million players have left the game in 2013. Activision Blizzard, owners of the game, had 9.6 million subscribers last year. Now they have 7.7 million. However, it is still the world's most popular multiplayer online role-playing game. Analysts say this is due to competition from popular multiplayer online battle arena games. "League of Legends" has 12 million active daily players.

Despite these numbers, Activision wants more independence. Its CEO is leading an $8.2billion buyout to be the biggest shareholder again. He wants 429 million shares from French telecoms and entertainment giant Vivendi, which owns 61 per cent of Activision. This would fall to 12 per cent if the buyout is successful. The CEO believes in the future of online gaming. He oversaw the success of "World of Warcraft" and the hit "Call Of Duty".