Better tables for beautiful people in Paris restaurants

Two trendy restaurants in Paris give beautiful people better tables than ordinary people. Staff who used to work there talked to a Paris newspaper about the restaurants. They said: "The good-looking customers are led to the good places, where they can be easily seen; the non-good-looking ones must be seated in the corners of the room." The rule for celebrity diners was different – "pretty or ugly, old or young," they got the good tables. The waiters and waitresses also had to look good. An ex-employee said: "Anyone short, without a model's physique and over 30 need not apply."

The owners want to make sure the restaurants have a good image so they put attractive guests in easy-to-see places. One owner visits regularly to check on his 'beauty policy'. If he saw a "non-attractive" person at a good table, he tells the staff: "There are good-looking people, you put them here; there are bad-looking people, you put them there." Furthermore, staff could not give a table to customers who made telephone bookings, just in case they were not beautiful. Staff decided where to seat them after they came to the restaurant and looked at their faces.