Scientists tell WHO e-cigarettes are helpful

Many scientists wrote to the WHO ahead of World No Tobacco Day on May the 31st. They do not want the WHO to make e-cigarettes a tobacco product. The WHO says e-cigarettes are like real cigarettes. They have no tobacco in them, but they make people feel like they are smoking. Doctors say this is better for people's health than real cigarettes because they help people to stop smoking. The WHO says countries can tax them, ban them and give health warnings.

The scientists said e-cigarettes reduce disease and deaths from smoking. They are a "low-risk product" that are "part of the solution" to stop smoking, not part of the problem. They said e-cigarettes are very important and could save hundreds of millions of lives. They told the WHO not to control them. Researchers from the University of Chicago said e-cigarettes could get young people smoking and stop others from giving up real cigarettes.