Man pushes vegetable up mountain with his nose

People do many crazy things to raise money for charity. The latest crazy stunt came from an English man who decided to push a Brussels sprout up the highest mountain in Wales – with his nose. He wanted to raise $8,500 for a cancer charity. Stuart Kettell, 49, said he loves challenges and will try to do anything for charity. His other challenges include walking 800 kilometers on stilts and sitting in a box for a week. He said: "I have seen first hand the amazing work [the charity] Macmillan Cancer Support does, not only for the patient but their family and friends too." He added: "People's cancer stories inspire me even more to carry on, and my challenges are going to get even more crazy."

It took Mr Kettell three days to push the Brussels sprout up the 1,085m-high Mount Snowden. He wore a specially designed face mask so he wouldn't scrape the skin off his face. He practised for his charity mission by pushing a Brussels sprout around his garden. He chose a large sprout for his Snowden challenge. It was about the size of a table-tennis ball. He said he wanted a larger one because it would not fall down a crack. He spent three days on his hands and knees with his nose a centimeter or two above the ground. He told reporters there was "a huge amount of pain" in his knees, wrists and back. He said he was happy because his training worked, he reached the summit, and he raised money for the charity.