Somalia postal service back after 20 years

Somalia's government has restarted its postal system for the first time in over 20 years. Fighting and wars in Somalia over the past two decades stopped all mail deliveries. The postal service collapsed in 1991. Somalia is now enjoying a more peaceful time, so the postal service is returning. The new service also sees the introduction of nationwide postcodes. This will be a first for Somalia. Mohamed Ibrahim, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, told the BBC that he was very excited about the return of the postal system. He said that at first, Somalis would be able to receive letters from abroad. He said the next step would be for people to post letters to other countries.

The return of the postal service is just one example of Somalia getting back to normal after its long period of trouble. Another recent example is the introduction of a cash machine (an ATM) at a luxury hotel in the capital city Mogadishu. It is the first time Somalia has ever had an ATM. The hotel's manager said he has seen a few people using the new machine. He said: "Most of the customers are not aware there is an ATM in Somalia." He explained that: "Most local residents don't have a debit card or a credit card to use the ATM." Another example of Somalia returning to normal is the reopening of the Chinese embassy for the first time in 23 years. Somalia's president said China was an important partner.