More British people fixing their own teeth

People can now repair their own teeth with special dental kits that cost as little as $7. People are buying them because they cannot afford a dentist. A filling in England can cost $70 – ten times higher than the price of the dental kit. One dental kit sold around 250,000 items last year. A dental group said around 20 per cent of people in the UK would do DIY dentistry on their own teeth or the teeth of their family. This includes pulling out a tooth.

Britain is famous for its free health service, but this does not include dental work. DIY dentistry is popular in the UK because there is a lot of poverty. A spokeswoman for a local community said: "DIY dentistry is fairly common here….And you've got people taking care of their whole family's teeth." The dental group said people would rather spend their money on a haircut than on their teeth. It said some people think the dentist is important and others don't.