Europe under fire for refugee policy

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has asked the European Union (EU) to stop refugee deaths in the Mediterranean. Another 700 migrants died trying to flee their homelands to reach Europe. Over 1,000 have died this week. HRW said: "The EU is standing by with arms crossed while hundreds die….These deaths might well have been prevented if the EU had launched a genuine search-and-rescue effort." Italy's leader said no refugee boats should leave Libya.

People are angry with the EU because it cut its search-and-rescue budget by two-thirds. The president of the European Parliament, said: "Europe can do more and Europe must do more. It is a shame…how many countries run away from responsibility." Malta's leader said people would judge Europe in the same way that history judged it when "it turned a blind eye to the genocide of the last century". Spain's leader said: "Words won't do any more."