Disney bans selfie sticks at theme parks

Disney will ban selfie sticks at its theme parks from July the 1st. It is the latest company to ban the sticks. Universal Studios was one of the first companies. Many museums also ban them. Disney said the ban was because the sticks were dangerous for customers and workers. It said Disney gives a great experience for the entire family, but selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for guests and staff.

Selfie sticks have become very popular recently. People use them to take photos of themselves to put on social media sites. Even the president of the USA does it. However, many people are getting angry, especially at tourist attractions. One passenger used a selfie stick on a Disney rollercoaster and shut the ride down for nearly an hour. The PC World magazine has an answer: "Maybe you should…use the selfie sticks that we're all born with – your arms."