Germany and Austria welcome refugees

Germany and Austria have welcomed thousands of refugees. Crowds of local people applauded the new arrivals and gave them water, food and clothes. German and Austrian children carried baskets of sweets to give to children from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. For the refugees, it was the end of a long journey that started in their troubled home countries and ended with a long walk through Hungary. Germany's rail company said it would be adding extra carriages to its trains and was "doing everything it can" to help the refugees.

The United Nations has praised Austria and Germany for helping the refugees. It said: "This is political leadership based on humanitarian values." Germany's leader said her country would welcome all refugees from Syria. She told reporters that, "as a strong, economically healthy country, we have the strength to do what is necessary." Germany thinks around 800,000 Syrians will arrive this year. One refugee said: "I'm very glad to be in Germany. I hope that I find a much better life here. I want to work." He was worried about his family and young children still in Syria.