Top soccer video game has female teams

A best-selling video game has added to its options to attract more women players. The game is the latest in the incredibly popular FIFA series. It is called FIFA 16. Gamers will be able to choose women's teams for the very first time. The new game has 12 of the top international women's teams. They can only play against each other, so there will be no games with women against men. A trial version of the game was put online on September 8th. Game players who tested FIFA 16 said the games with women's teams had a faster pace than games with men's teams.

The FIFA 16 company was excited about the new women's teams. It said it was one of the most important changes in the game's 22-year history. He added that bringing the best women's players and teams to the video game was, "a massive event for [us], and we are equally excited about bringing millions of fans a new way to play." Alex Morgan, who plays for the U.S. women's team, was excited at being part of the FIFA 16 game. She said: "It is such an honour…to be included in FIFA 16. I always wondered what it would be like…and it is very cool to know that it is now a reality."