Couple must lose pets or home

A couple in England could lose their home because of their pets. Clive and Rose Restall live in their rented home with their 21 pet guinea pigs. The owners of the house, PCH, say the couple have too many pets. PCH want the couple to get rid of the guinea pigs. PCH said the number of animals is unacceptable. A PCH spokesperson said the number of pets is not allowed in the contract. The couple signed a contract to rent the house. PCH warned Mr and Mrs Restall that they must move out of the house if they do not get rid of the guinea pigs.

Mr Restall, 57, said he needs his guinea pigs. They helped him fight cancer. He found out about his cancer in 2010. He bought the guinea pigs to help him forget about it. They made him happy. He told reporters that his guinea pigs are mystic. This means they have special powers to help people. He said: "They've helped me through my cancer. They've helped me cope." The animals have also helped his neighbours with personal problems. He said: "The local community love them just as much as I do. I sometimes loan them out to people if they need someone to talk to."