Ghana visas for all African Union members

Ghana's president has announced his country will issue visas to all citizens of African Union member states. Anyone arriving in Ghana with a passport from an African Union nation will get a visa, which could be for up to 30 days. The president said the initiative was to bridge the gap between African citizens. He said: "With effect from July this year, we will be allowing citizens of AU member states to enter our country and obtain visas on arrival…and experience what our country has to offer. This measure, with time, should stimulate air travel, trade, investment and tourism."

The African Union commended Ghana's efforts in helping to bring Africa closer and reducing barriers. It said: "After Ghana…many other African countries will follow suit, in the interest of achieving an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa." It added that the visa policy would greatly benefit Ghana in its relations. More countries need to follow Ghana's example. Only 25 per cent of African countries offer visas to other African nationals. It is easier for U.S. citizens to travel to and within Africa than it is for Africans to visit each other's countries.