Glass slide opens 300 metres above the street

A slide has opened in downtown Los Angeles, but not in a children's park. The new Skyslide is on the outside of an office tower, 300 metres above the street. It is made of glass just 3 cm thick. It cost $3.5 million to build. The slide starts at the 70th floor and goes down 15 metres to the 69th floor. The ride takes about five seconds from top to bottom. Riders sit on a safety mat and push themselves out of a window. Only one person can slide at a time.

The tower's owner wanted to make a special attraction. She said: "We have to do something that doesn't exist anywhere else." The slide is safe enough to support a school bus. A reporter who went on the slide said: "Before you can get a really proper scream going, you're launched out onto a safety mat on an outdoor deck on the 69th floor." Tickets to get into the Skyspace area on the 70th floor are $25. A ride on the Skyslide costs an additional $8.