Woman had to go on honeymoon without husband

A woman went on her honeymoon alone because her husband could not get a visa. Newlyweds Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever from Pakistan got married earlier this year. They paid for a 10-day trip to Greece for their second honeymoon. They went to the Maldives for their first honeymoon. They were shocked when the Greek embassy in Pakistan did not issue a visa for Arsalaan. They decided that because the trip was already paid for, Huma should go to Greece alone. A few weeks later, Huma's in-laws (Arsalaan's parents) decided to go with her.

Huma's honeymoon photos have gone viral on the Internet. She took photos everywhere she went. In each picture, she stretched her arm out around her missing husband and showed a sad face. Huma said it was difficult knowing her husband was in Pakistan. She said: "He's the life of the party; my better half. I wouldn't have gone without him but he forced me to." She added that her mother-in-law really comforted her and told her to have a good time. Huma is now back with Arsalaan in Pakistan. They are hoping to go away together to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.