First all-hijab collection at New York Fashion Week

History was made at the New York Fashion Week when there was a collection in which every model wore a hijab. The hijab is the veil worn by Muslim women that covers the head. It has been in the news a lot recently. Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan wanted to show how stylish the hijab is. The 30-year-old wowed the crowd with her designs and received a standing ovation. She is the first Indonesian to show at a big global fashion event.

More fashion stores are using Islamic designs. H&M released an advert with a Muslim model in a hijab. Dolce and Gabbana made hijabs for richer Muslim customers. Not everyone is happy with the new hijab fashion. Some say it is un-Islamic. A professor of Islamic Studies said: "The essence of Muslim dress is to wear something decent, to be modest. For women, they have to make sure what they're wearing doesn't attract the attention of men."