Male models earn 75% less than female models

A clear example of sexual inequality is men getting paid more than women for the same job. The reverse is true with modeling. The pay gap for male and female models is very big. A top modeling agency says male models get 75 per cent less than female models. The agency said women could get $52,000 for a fashion show, while men can only get $13,000. It's perhaps the only industry where men get paid less than women but it's not equality for women.

Things are changing and pay is getting better for men. Advertisers are promoting men's fashion. More male models are being used because men are taking more care of themselves. They spend a lot of money on their hair, moisturizer and make-up. One good thing for men is that they can work as a model for longer than women. They make most of their money in their 30s. Female models make most of their money in their twenties.