Subway sues TV station for $210 million

Subway is suing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) because of a report that said Subway's chicken was only half chicken. The CBC reported that a Subway chicken product was 46.4% soy filler. CBC said other fast food chains had much higher levels of meat in their chicken-based products. Subway announced it had asked for $210 million in damages, "over allegations…that are defamatory and absolutely false".

Subway said: "Despite our efforts to share the facts with the CBC about the high quality of our chicken and…our strong objections to their inaccurate claims, they have not issued a retraction." It called CBC's data "unreliable and factually incorrect". It added: "Producing high quality food…is our highest priority." CBC is standing behind its story. It said: "We believe our journalism to be sound and there is no evidence that…would lead us to change our position."