Egg freezing offered as perk to female employees

Companies are thinking of offering their female workers egg freezing as a perk. Apple and Facebook already do this. Other companies may soon follow. British companies are in talks with the UK's largest chain of fertility clinics, CARE Fertility. There is a very high cost to employers. Apple and Facebook have been offering cut-price egg freezing to their female staff at a cost of up to £16,000 ($20,000) per worker.

The perk will let women in their 20s or 30s to focus on their careers. Women could use their frozen eggs in their 40s when they settle down or have more money. CARE said: "Successful pregnancy at that age is very low…so by freezing eggs…they will…have that guarantee." Critics say it is wrong to offer the perk. One said: "When [IVF] is done purely to protect their job, I think it's extraordinary that women think this is liberating."