Arab nations cut ties with Qatar

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, Libya and Yemen have all cut ties with Qatar. They say Qatar gives money and support to terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia said it has to protect its own security. It said Qatar was home to many "terrorist…groups that aim to create instability in the region". Qatar said this was not true and that there are no facts that show that terrorist groups are in Qatar. It said the other Arab countries are acting unfairly towards Qatar. It also said other Arab countries would, "not affect the normal lives of citizens and residents" in Qatar.

Qatar now has a difficult future, until normal relations return. Air, land and sea links from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have closed. This will be a problem for people in Qatar. Most of its food enters from Saudi Arabia. There is now a rush to buy food in supermarkets. Qatar Airways will suffer because it has to change its routes. Many flights will take much longer. The building of stadiums for the 2022 soccer World Cup could slow down as building materials come in from Saudi. Citizens from Saudi, the UAE and Bahrain are banned from going to Qatar and have 14 days to leave.