Starbucks opens coffee shop with tatami in Kyoto

Starbucks has opened a new coffee shop in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto. It is unlike any other Starbucks in the world as it has three rooms with tatami – the traditional straw matting that is used for floors in Japanese houses. There are no chairs in the tatami rooms. People sit on flat cushions on the tatami mats. The new coffee shop is in a 100-year-old house in one of the most historic areas of Kyoto. It is located on the attractive Ninen-zaka shopping street. It is situated between two UNESCO World Heritage-listed temples. The area is very popular with tourists, many of whom rent traditional Japanese kimono to go sightseeing in. The three tatami rooms are on the second floor of the house.

Starbucks has done its best to make sure the coffee shop blends in with its traditional surroundings. There are no neon signs and no big, green Starbucks logos. Instead, there is a traditional one-metre-long dark-blue curtain hanging over the front door. The top half of the coffee shop's logo is printed on the curtain in dark grey and black. Starbucks has reformed the house in the traditional style and has created a Japanese garden for people to look at. The company also wants to be a good neighbor. It has decided not to let people form lines in front of the shop. It will also limit the number of customers during peak hours. This is to avoid disrupting the quiet atmosphere in the area.