Volvo will start making only all-electric cars

The car company Volvo said all its cars will have an electric motor from 2019. It will stop making cars that use only petrol engines. It plans to sell five fully electric cars and some hybrid cars by 2021. Volvo is the first big carmaker that will stop making cars with only petrol engines. It said: "People increasingly demand electrified cars, and we want to respond to our customers' current and future needs."

More car companies are selling electric and hybrid cars. The American company Tesla makes only electric cars. Its stock market value is 25 per cent higher than that of Ford. Volvo hopes to sell a million electrified cars by 2025. It also hopes its factories will be more environmentally friendly and will start "climate-neutral" manufacturing. Volvo will have one of the widest ranges of electrified cars of any carmaker in the world.