People now snorting chocolate to get high

A company has launched a chocolate powder it says people can snort to get high. The product is based on the cocoa bean. It is called Coko Loko. The company says it provides a drug-free energy "high". The company CEO Nick Anderson explained how he decided there was a market for his product. He said he first heard about people snorting chocolate in Europe. At first, he thought it was a hoax, but then he tried it and decided that it could be a good business. Mr Anderson told reporters that Coko Loko is, "probably equal to about two energy drinks".

The product is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Many doctors are worried about the safety of the powder. Expert Dr Jason Russell warned that it had the same risk as other energy supplements. He said this included increased blood pressure, insomnia and increased heart rate. The HuffPost website was worried because the product does not have an ingredients list, so users do not know what is in it. HuffPost advised people to eat chocolate instead of sniffing it. Mr Anderson said: "There are no health issues. It's been out…three years. Everyone seems fine."