Mysterious space object could be monitoring us

Astronomers think that aliens could be listening to us on Earth. The astronomers look for signs of alien life beyond Earth. They are excited about a giant space object that just passed Earth. It is 800 meters long and 80 meters wide. The rock has many straight lines so it might not have come from nature. It could have been made by alien life. The scientists called the rock Oumuamua. This means 'messenger' in Hawaiian.

The astronomers first spotted Oumuamua travelling at great speed past Earth. It was about 85 times the distance to the Moon, which is very near if you think about the size of the universe. Oumuamua is the first object in our solar system that appears to come from another galaxy. Its high speed suggests it is outside the pull of the Sun. It is unlikely that Oumuamua proves that aliens exist. The rock is a unique event that could offer new secrets.