'Selfieccino' is the new art in making coffee

A cafe started a personalized way of making coffee. It is a new barista art called the "selfieccino". A barista is someone who makes the coffee, lattes and frappuccinos. They used to draw hearts and flowers in the white froth of the coffee. However, they have taken that to a new level. They can now put a picture of a customer's face in the froth. Now coffee lovers can drink a cup of coffee with their own face in it. The cafe is located in one of London's top shopping areas, Oxford Street. It sold over 400 of the personalized drinks within days of starting the service this week.

Baristas use technology to put the faces of people on the coffee. Customers send a picture of their face from their mobile phone. The barista uses a machine called a "Cino" to change the picture into an image on the white froth. The whole process takes about four minutes. It costs $7.50 for the selfie in the coffee. The owner of the cafe explained why he started the selfieccino service. He said: "It's not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service. It's got to be Instagram worthy." People want to take photos of everything in their life and post their images on social media.