'Nutella riots' in France after 70% price cut

Shoppers in France have been fighting to buy the hazelnut spread Nutella. A chain of supermarkets cut the price of it by 70 per cent on Thursday. The cost went from €4.50 to €1.41. There were long lines of shoppers outside stores. Inside, shoppers got angry in the aisles. A witness described the chaos to French newspapers: He said: "They fought like animals. A woman had her hair pulled…and another woman had a bloody hand. It was terrible."

An Italian company called Ferrero makes Nutella. It had nothing to do with the discount. Only the supermarket decided to cut prices. Ferrero was sad at what happened. It said the discount, "created confusion and disappointment among customers". The supermarket did not comment, but a worker said: "It was crazy…like it was the first day of sales….It was like a riot." A tweeter said Nutella is very important and that, "French people eat it by the spoonful".