Paris Metro fines woman for walking wrong way

A pregnant woman got a $74 fine for walking the wrong way in the Paris Metro. The woman took a shortcut to save time on her journey. A station inspector caught her and immediately fined her. A Metro spokesman said the woman correctly got a fine for not following rules. He said the rules are so everyone can quickly get to trains or out of stations. He added that there are many easy-to-see "walk this way" signs in the stations.

Many social media users are angry that a pregnant woman got fined. A passenger group said it was "completely stupid". It wants the rules to change. A woman shared a similar story. She said: "I was the only person in the corridor when they stopped me." The Metro wrote: "I am sorry that this situation surprises you, but these are the current regulations. In the same way that if a car drives in a prohibited area, the car's driver…receives a fine."