Malaysia to have 92-year-old leader

Malaysia's ex-leader Mahathir Mohamad made a remarkable political comeback to end the six-decade rule of the BN party. Mr Mahathir, 92, will soon be sworn in as Malaysia's next prime minister. He will be the world's oldest elected leader. Mahathir was Malaysia's prime minister from 1981 to 2003. Then, he was leader of the BN party, which came to power in 1957 after Malaysia's independence from Britain. He helped his country's economic success and made Malaysia an "Asian tiger". However, he was accused of being too strong and of using security laws to put his opponents in jail.

Official results show Mahathir's party won 113 seats. This will form a simple majority in Malaysia's 222-seat parliament. Mahathir came out of retirement to join the opposition party. It was a bitterly-contested election race. He beat his former protégé Najib Razak. Mr Najib was accused of corruption in a multi-billion-dollar scandal. Mahathir said he wanted to put Malaysia back on the right track and "restore the rule of law." When reporters asked about his age, he joked that his new cabinet would be, "a gathering of men and women, including a young person".