Scientists to use DNA to find Loch Ness Monster

A monster might live in a deep lake in Scotland. It is called the Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie". It looks like a dinosaur. It has a small head and a long neck. People first saw it in 1933. Scientists will use a special technique to look for the monster. A research team will use a technique called eDNA sampling. It try to find some of Nessie's DNA. A professor says this will show if the monster is real or not.

Many scientists tried to find the monster before. They put machines at the bottom of the 230-metre-deep lake. Nessie is often in the newspapers. All photographs of Nessie are blurred. Some people say they are car tyres in the water. The professor will test water from the lake for DNA from the monster's skin. He will check all DNA to make sure it is not from other animals. If he finds new DNA, that could belong to Nessie.