UK ambassador to US says White House is inept

UK-US relations soured after the diplomatic e-mails from the UK ambassador leaked. The mails were in a UK newspaper. They were very negative and critical of President Trump's White House. The ambassador wrote he believed the administration would not be normal. He called it dysfunctional, unpredictable, faction riven, clumsy and inept. He called the policy on Iran "incoherent" and "chaotic". A British official said the leak was an act of treachery.

The USA and the UK have a "special relationship". The UK also needs a trade deal with the USA after it leaves the European Union. The UK's Prime Minister has "full faith" in the ambassador but did not agree with his comments. A spokesman said the leak was "absolutely unacceptable". Donald Trump said the ambassador "has not served the UK well." He tweeted: "He is not liked or well thought of within the US. We will no longer deal with him."