Heaviest ever sumo wrestler gives diet advice

The heaviest ever sumo wrestler gave health advice to other wrestlers. Orora, from Russia, weighed 292kg before he retired in 2018. He has warned other wrestlers to take care of themselves. This followed the death of a 28-year-old sumo wrestler this year. Orora told a newspaper that Japan's sumo wrestlers should eat less. Sumo wrestlers have enormous appetites. Orora said it was time for wrestlers to think carefully about their diet. He said they should reduce their calories. He said: "It's never easy to stay healthy as long as you're living the life of a sumo wrestler."

Orora told reporters a sumo wrestler's lifestyle can be unhealthy. He explained how he put on weight. He ate two big meals a day that contained over 7,000 calories. He used to eat 200 pieces of sushi with a crate of beer. He also ate extra bowls of rice. His diet led to hypertension and fatigue. He said: "I would lie down and nap right after eating, which wasn't good. Just walking or moving was really troublesome." Japan's sumo association gave 10 guidelines for wrestlers. It said they should eat more fish and vegetables. They should also chew food properly and avoid snacks.