Red light could help improve vision in old age

Scientists say they can help the eyes of older people. They say that looking at a red light for three minutes a day for two weeks could make them see better. A researcher looked at how red light could help older people see better. He said: "I strongly suggest that people do not just go and buy a red light off the web. They have to produce the right wavelength and be reliable. We are looking for a…partner to do this and to price them at…around $20."

Researchers did tests on 24 people aged between 28 and 72. They found that eye cells used to see light were worse in the older people. The red light helped the older people to see different colours better. Their sight got better by 22 per cent. A doctor said poorer eyesight will be a big problem in the future. He said we need to get ready for this, because: "If you can't see clearly you can't read or watch TV. You also…fall down and break bones."