Red light could help improve vision in old age

Scientists say they have help for older people with poor eyesight. That is shining a red light in the eyes for three minutes. Doctors say three minutes of the red light every day for two weeks could help make older people see better. Not any red light will improve eyesight. A researcher looked at the effects of red light and vision in older people. He said: "I strongly suggest that people do not just go and buy a red light off the web. They have to produce the right wavelength and be reliable. We are looking for a commercial partner to do this and to price them at…around $20."

Researchers from University College London conducted tests on 24 men and women aged between 28 and 72. They found that cells used to process light deteriorated in the older people. With the red light, these people could see different colours better. The older people's sight got better by 22 per cent. A doctor said: "Populations are ageing rapidly and this is going to be a major issue in the future. We need to gear up for this." He added: "If you can't see clearly you can't read or watch TV. You also tend to fall down and break bones. Our lights are a step in this direction."