Lab-grown meat given green light in Singapore

Singapore has approved the consumption of meat manufactured in a lab. Lab-grown meat could revolutionise the way we eat. The cultured meat is grown in a laboratory in bioreactors, but it is, scientifically, real meat – real chicken to be precise. It looks and tastes like real chicken. The meat is from the U.S. company Eat Just. The "just" in the company's name is the adjective "just," meaning "fair". The CEO says no animals are killed to make the meat. This could potentially transform the meat industry. It could also badly affect poultry and livestock farming.

Singapore's green light is just the start of a revolution in meat manufacturing. The CEO said many companies worldwide will get approval for lab-grown meat. This meat could greatly reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming. It could change the world for the better. We could see disease-free meat, an end to the use of drugs in meat, and an end to animal cruelty. The CEO added: "Cultured meat's role in creating a safer, more secure global food supply has…given rise to a steady increase in the application of animal cell culture technology…of food products."