Researchers find most 'instagrammable' bird

We put photos online of everything we eat, buy and do. There is now a study about what kinds of bird photos we like. Researchers in Germany looked at the bird photos people "liked" on the photo-sharing social networking service Instagram. They looked into the question: "What makes a great bird photo?" They tried to find the most 'instagrammable' bird. The answer is the frogmouth. This is a nocturnal bird that lives in India, Southeast Asia and Australia.

The researchers looked at 30,000 bird photos from nine popular photography accounts. They used a programme to find which photos got the most "likes". A bird expert said the frogmouth was the most liked because of its large eyes. He said that most birds' eyes are on the sides of their head, but the frogmouth's eyes are in the centre. This makes it look "humanlike". A photographer said any bird or animal with big eyes looks "cute and cuddly".