More and more people are eating insects

Insects are a great source of protein. We may soon see them on our dinner tables as traditional livestock farming is becoming more unsustainable. Insect farming is more environmentally friendly. One kilogram of insect protein needs about 10 per cent of the resources used to make a kilo of beef. Eating insects may be one answer to producing food for the world's growing population. By 2050 this is expected to be 9.8 billion, up from the current 7.7 billion.

The insect farming industry is growing. Hundreds of companies are creating meals made from bugs. They are in supermarkets and even in vending machines in Japan. You can buy a can of insect snacks, such as tarantula and scorpions. An Israeli insect farmer says there is a "yuck factor" to this. He said people will get used to the idea. He said: "I am convinced it will soon be widely accepted, just like eating raw fish in sushi was embraced."