Men lost at sea for 29 days say it was a nice break

We all want to get away from it all. Two men from the Solomon Islands accidentally did that. They spent 29 days lost at sea. They left a small island in a boat to travel 200km to another island. They had done the trip before. A storm hit and blew them 400km off course. The storm messed up their navigation system, so they lost their ability to find their location. They ended up near Papua New Guinea.

The two men joked about their adventure. One said: "We didn't know where we were but did not expect to be in another country." They ate oranges they bought for their journey and coconuts they found in the sea. A fisherman saw their boat and they were rescued. The man said: "I look forward to going back home, but I guess it was a nice break from everything." However, COVID-19 means they will not be able to travel for a while.