TikTok videos to be 10 minutes long

TikTok will soon allow 10-minute videos. TikTok started in 2018 with one-minute videos. That tripled to three minutes in 2021. A company spokesperson said: "We're always thinking about new ways to…enrich the TikTok experience." She said longer videos would give users more time "to create and be entertained". She said videos that are up to 10 minutes will mean more "creative possibilities for our creators around the world".

The new time means TikTok will rival YouTube. However, it could lose users who like shorter videos. They could move to other social media websites. Shorter videos are more popular with younger people. They like looking at many videos quickly. Longer videos may increase TikTok's profits because they are easier to monetize. Short videos are a big reason why TikTok is so popular. It has more than one billion monthly active users.