UK's help for Ukraine refugees called 'a disgrace'

A popular British radio host has attacked his government's response to the refugee crisis. He called it "a disgrace". The UK has two visa schemes for refugees. It has received 79,800 visa applications from Ukrainians and has issued 40,900 visas. However, only 12,000 refugees have arrived. Poland has taken in nearly 3 million refugees, Germany 300,000, and Ireland over 20,000. The UK apologised for this "frustrating" situation.

The radio host did not hold back in his criticism. He called on the government to be fired. He said: "It's an absolute scandal.…This is beyond comprehension. How can this level of incompetence survive?" The host was angry about the 51-page online visa form that Ukrainians have to fill out. He also criticised the mountain of red tape. Over 200,000 Britons applied to accept a refugee into their home. Applications are rejected if a home has a garden pond.