Electric scooter gets speaker to sound like sports car

Electric scooters are all the rage nowadays. The two-wheelers help people zip through traffic to get about town. However, there are safety concerns. Many scooter riders ignore road rules and traffic lights, and ride on sidewalks. A scooter maker has made a speaker that will alert pedestrians of a scooter's presence. Segway is selling a speaker that can add V12 engine noises to its scooters. The rider can also plug in a device to play their favourite music.

Segway's $150 Engine Speaker can play music or sounds for 23 hours. It syncs with the accelerator. The revving sound gets louder the faster the scooter goes. The speaker will warn anyone in earshot that a scooter is coming. Road safety analysts believe the speaker could cut the number of traffic accidents. However, critics worry about noise pollution. They say the beauty of electric engines is their silence and that a simple beeping sound is enough.