Hundreds of unpunished crimes at UK royal palaces

People think London's royal palaces might have tight security. However, statistics show that in the past three years, 470 crimes have taken place near them. Most of these have gone unpunished. London's police said the offences took place at Buckingham Palace and other palaces between 2019 and 2021. The crimes included arson, theft, robbery, and violence. In less than one per cent of the crimes, someone was cautioned, fined or charged.

A former head of the UK's royal protection service said this was "frightening". He questioned what the statistics said about the current security. He said he'd be worried if, "these offences have an impact on the personal safety of the royals". London's police said it was responsible for the security of royal palaces, but would not comment on such matters. It said most of the offences were thefts. It added the police always "pursue all viable...lines of enquiry".