Plant-based milk becoming more popular

Plant-based milk has become popular in the past ten years. More people are switching to vegan diets. One reason for this is the global rise in food prices. This has been worsened by the Ukraine War, which has increased the price of fertilizer and feed for cows. Many countries rely on Russia for fertilizer. In addition, Ukrainian corn used to feed cows is drying up. Fertilizer prices have risen fourfold and animal feed by 70 per cent.

The plant-based milk market is set to double. Experts say it will rise to $53 billion in 2028 from $22 billion in 2021. Consumers have a huge choice of plant-based milks. Supermarkets sell milk made from soy, almonds and coconuts, among other things. In February, a Swedish company launched the world's first potato milk. It is described as being "deliciously creamy". The dairy milk industry is reminding people that its milk is rich in calcium and protein.