Japanese company allow pets into the office

Coronavirus changed working conditions worldwide. Millions of us now work remotely at home. The Japanese technology giant Fujitsu is trialling an idea to get workers back into the office. They will let workers bring their pet dog to work. Members of staff can return to their office with their pet. Fujitsu hopes its workers will feel more comfortable in the workplace. It hopes more people will give up working remotely from home.

Japan's workforce is known for working long hours in offices. Many workers now work at home. They think this is better than the two-hour commute from the suburbs. They also like spending more time with their pet. The dog office trial may change this. One Fujitsu worker said he could communicate more with other workers with the help of the dogs. The Fujitsu office has space for up to six dogs. It also has stain-proof carpets and pet supplies.