Eating late at night might be making us sick

Eating late at night is bad for us. It could make us sick. A new study says eating before bedtime increases the risk of obesity. Researchers looked into why eating late increased the risk of weight gain. Eating late makes us feel two times hungrier, so we eat more. When we eat earlier, we are less hungry, so we eat less food. Later eaters also eat unhealthier food. They also move around less before sleeping, so they do not burn off calories.

Researchers looked at the eating habits of 16 people aged between 25 and 59. They were all overweight or obese, but were healthy. They ate regularly and exercised a little. They did not drink coffee or alcohol, and they did not smoke, or take medicine or drugs. They kept a sleep diary so researchers knew their sleeping times. A researcher said the study is telling us that, "it probably really is beneficial to stop eating late into the night".