Anti-cheating exam hats used in Philippines college

Schools try many things to stop students cheating in exams. It is difficult to stop some students. Technology has given students new ways to cheat. A college in the Philippines has a low-tech way of making sure students keep their eyes only on their paper and not on those of other students. The engineering college is getting students to wear anti-cheating hats during tests. The hats mean students cannot see around them and look at other students' papers. They can focus only on their own. Students are happy with this because they get to design and make their own hat.

Photos of the anti-cheating hats have gone viral on social media. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful designs. Students used cardboard boxes, egg cartons, coat hangers and other recycled things to make their hats. A professor said the hats were a "fun way" to stop cheating and were "really effective" in keeping students focused. She said: "I'm proud of my students because their...mid-term exams can be full of pressure and be stressful, yet they managed to add some colour and fun." Many students finished their tests early and no one was caught cheating.