France may have to increase price of baguettes

France is famous for baguettes. They are currently facing a problem. High energy costs are forcing bakers to close their bakeries or raise baguette prices. Wheat supply issues caused by the Ukraine War are adding to bakers' woes. One baker is worried about his future. He may have to treble his baguette prices. He said: "I cannot pay an electricity bill of 12,000 euros with a turnover of 20,000 euros."

France's President Macron is worried about the baguette. He described it as "250 grams of magic and perfection". France introduced an "electricity damper" to limit how much bakers' electricity bills can rise by. Eligible bakers can benefit from this aid. Consumers also have tough choices. One said she didn't want to pay higher prices. She said she may have to "because there is no equivalent to a baguette".