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Many diseases that had almost disappeared are making a comeback. Britain's National Health Service (NHS) reported a big rise in the number of people with diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), cholera and measles. The NHS said that TB is now more common in England than in some less developed countries. Tuberculosis is increasing across the globe. In 2013, it killed 1.5 million people worldwide, and that number is rising. It mainly affects very poor people. It is an infectious disease that affects the lungs. People suffer from bad coughs, fever and weight loss.

Researchers say that many of these diseases are both preventable and treatable. A big problem in England is that TB is affecting old people who do not have enough to eat. The number of elderly who have to go without food has doubled over three years. A UK doctor said she did not understand why society didn't do more to fight TB. She said: "Malnutrition is preventable. It is totally unacceptable that…there are at least one million older people malnourished or at risk of malnourishment." She said there should be a bigger focus on better nutrition and proper medicine.

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