Latest Lessons - December 11th, 2018

An ESL lesson on Foreign Workers  - Japan prepares for many foreign workers
An ESL lesson on Christmas

100 Questions for Santa Claus

25th December - "Happy Xmas"

Ask Santa Claus 100 questions. Try the other festive activities in this free Christmas-themed lesson.
And have a Happy Christmas.

An ESL lesson on Passports  - UAE passport world's 'most powerful'

An ESL lesson on Reindeer  - Rare white reindeer photographed in Norway
An ESL lesson on the term 'Kiwi'  - Court says 'Kiwi' is not a racist term
An ESL lesson on Civilization  - Algeria is the new 'cradle of civilization'
An ESL lesson on Reggae  - UN declares reggae a world cultural treasure
An ESL lesson on Working Week  - Work over 80 hours a week to change the world
An ESL lesson on Sun Dimming  - Dim the Sun to limit global warming, say scientists

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