Latest Lessons - November 24th, 2017

An ESL lesson on Flat Earth  - Man to take rocket trip to show Earth is flat
An ESL lesson: Wedding Anniversary  - UK Queen celebrates 70th wedding anniversary
An ESL lesson on Robert Mugabe  - Thousands call for Zimbabwe's Mugabe to resign

An ESL lesson on Train Punctuality  - Apology after Japanese train leaves 20 seconds early
An ESL lesson on Blood Pressure  - Millions more have high blood pressure
An ESL lesson on Household Bugs  - Where do bugs like to live in your house?
An ESL lesson on  - Lip-syncing video app sells for $1 billion
An ESL lesson on Malaria Test  - Malaria breathalyzer test could help millions
An ESL lesson on Screen Time  - Screen time before bed is bad for children

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