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Dubai International Airport (DXB) is still the world's busiest airport. It is ahead of London's Heathrow, which was top for over a decade. DXB saw a record 78 million passengers in 2015. This is one every 2.5 seconds. Heathrow had 75 million passengers but had more daily flights. There are 8,000 weekly flights from DXB, flown by 140 airlines to over 270 cities on six continents. Dubai's other airport has a planned annual capacity of up to 250 million passengers.

DXB is vital to Dubai's economy. It employs around 90,000 people and supports over 400,000 jobs. It is worth over $26.7 billion to Dubai, which represents around 27 per cent of its GDP. The CEO of DXB said: "It's another [great] year for Dubai International where we broke records…and retained our position as the world's number one international hub." DXB will soon set another record with the world's longest non-stop flight, connecting Dubai with Auckland.

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